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  1. AJ Taylor says:

    AJ Taylor
    1. I love the passion he had in his voice you can really feel how was feeling for this nephew
    2. You understand why he was so terrified of the way african americans are betrayed in our society
    3. His tone in his voice fluctuated so you can know the type of certainty he had in his voice
    4. Love the way he symbolizes the power that society puts on African American boys
    5. I personally relate to this because my father gave me this talk along time ago while I was still asking questions.


    • 1. Iliked how Javon Johnson was able to go in and out of different voices to give off different emotions with his words.
      2. I like the fact that this poem is based on a very controversial topic in today’s day and age.
      3. It addresses the thought process and view of police through young black mens eyes that you may not w
      4. I like how the poet expresses his emotions while speaking that lets his listeners know his true passion and truth in his words.
      5. Give multiple reasons and examples of men before him that shows his reasons why he feels so strong towards this topic towards his nephew


  2. jake silverman says:

    1) good rhythm and music
    2) talks about a controversial topic
    3) rhymes well
    4) strong attitude
    5) good gestures and facial expressions to add emotion to the performance


  3. Nikiay Comer says:

    1) strong performance
    2) repetition
    3) goog eye contact
    4) strong passion in his voice
    5) I like this because it brings up the stereotypes that many have for African American people.


  4. Matyas Chlebovsky says:

    This video is my favourite, because
    1) He is not saying that school is bad, but so many people just go to school because the society tells them to do so, they dont think for themselves.
    2) he is promoting hardwork, that leads to being educated
    3) it says that school just makes us follow the rules and as long as we follow them we will do allright, but it doesnt make us develop common sense
    4) I like the way it talks, it is really confident and easy to understand while delivering it’s message
    5) I live the sentence “There’s more than one way in this world to be an educated man” …funny how he has “to be AND educated man”..
    (I dont necesarily agree that being hired is a bad thing, but besides that I like it a lot)


  5. Quin Davis says:

    1. He creates something that most people would never conceive
    2. He makes it humorous
    3. His presentation is out going
    4. He shows that a good presentation doesn’t have to have a serious topic
    5. He also shows that spoken word doesn’t have to be all about rhyme


  6. Kyle Benyo says:

    Kyle Benyo

    1.) found it a little funny
    2,)somewhat relatable
    4.)hand gestures


  7. Shweta says:

    1) strong attitude
    2) passion in her voice
    3) good rhythms
    4) Fights against racism because racism pretty much happens everywhere which needs to stop.
    5) Talks about how if someone is white they are smarter then the others, and how African Americans are judged like the cover of the book.


  8. Max Murdoch says:

    1) Passionate about the subject
    2) Relatable; my mom used to teach
    3) Exposes the importance of teaching
    4) Gives the counter-argument/opposite view, then destroys it
    5) Speaks very well; the crowd listens to every single word


  9. Virginia Martinez says:

    1)First reason I really love this poem is because of the meaning. It is impacting because it makes you realize that what he is saying is true and right. People spend too much time in front of screens instead of discovering the world.
    2)Rhymes. He plays with the word and its meanings. Make the poem melodic.
    3)There is a lot of passion in the way he tells the poem and hand motions.
    4) His facial expression are present. You can feel just by his look or his smile whatever he feels while telling the poem, if it makes him dream, or makes him sad or mad.
    5) There is a lot of attitude. We can see that this words come from him and how strongly he wants to spread his message.


  10. Ian McEachern says:

    1) Good strong attitude
    2) Good posture
    3)Good Eye contact
    4) Very strong meaning and purpose to his poetry
    5) Good projection of voice


  11. John Long says:

    I like this poem because:

    1) It is about the importance of people finding out who they are in life.

    2) It helps people to understand that they control who they are and that there are many possibilities to who they can be.

    3) The music gives it a nice tempo and feeling.

    4) He speaks with passion to give the poem power.

    5) He uses clever word choice and rhyming to make the poem enjoyable.


  12. I enjoyed this spoken word poem because:

    1. At first the poem seems cliché, but as the speaker uses specific examples and description, the audience is able to perceive the importance of the idea described.

    2. The slow pace of his soft tone transmits calm and contributes to the melancholic tone of the poem.

    3. His performance and movement of hands as he draws images related to his words, make the poem more visual and easy to follow.

    4. He never looks up to the camera until his last three words. As he avoid eye contact with the camera, towards the end his last sentence has a more meaningful impact in the audience.

    5. Repetition of “Dear Mum”. Although repetition sometime makes the words loose value, in this case the speaker is able to emphasize the importance of his prays.


  13. Kierstyn Kirk says:

    1. This poem leaves a strong distinction between religion and God.

    2. The poet uses body language to express his emotion in the poem.

    3. He stresses different phrases and words to show how some of them are important and should be remembered.

    4. I like this poem because it makes the listener step back for a moment and think about what he is saying.

    5. All of the poems by spoken word send strong messages, and I enjoy them whether it’s about God, or everyday occurrences.


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