The IMG Academy

Honors Contract


The IMG Academy offers students the opportunity to participate in an honors experience in all core courses. Students who successfully complete the honors requirements will earn honors designation on their high school transcript as well as a .5 bump in the grade point average for this course.


Your participation in honors and your signature on this contract represent your commitment to academic excellence and your agreement to the terms and conditions of this honors contract.


General Requirements: 

Course Contemporary Fiction Date 2014-2015
Instructor Jenna Gareis Period
  1. Students must have earned a minimum of a B in the previous course.
  2. Once the contract is signed, students may not drop the honors designation until the semester ends.
  3. The deadline for honors contracts is September 9th 2014.


Specific Honors Requirements:


                           Extra Readings and Assignments

                           Quarter One

* Read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and either create a Bloom’s Ball or write an 800 word literary analysis. Prepare a presentation of your analysis for the class .

     Quarter Two

*Choose to read either Wasted by Kate Tempest or Clybourne by Bruce Norris, choose a scene(s) from the play you chose and film yourself and friends preforming them. You will stage and perform on video eight-ten minutes from the play. In addition, you’ll write an 800-1000 word rationale for the scene(s) you chose and how you staged and performed your scenes giving attention to tone, lighting, body language, wardrobe etc. Use the text of the play to support your rationale.

   Quarter Three

*Read Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and watch the film version. Write an 800 word compare and contrast essay of the two. Use the text and film to support your essay claims.

Quarter Four

*Choose either La Perdida by Jessica Abel, MausI by Art Spieglman or American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. You will read the graphic novel you chose, complete an in-depth analysis of the novel in a powerpoint or prezi and then present your analysis to the class.


Digital Literary Portfolio

*Each semester all of Ms. G’s Honor students will publish an online literary magazine featuring their individual honors work as well as exemplary work of their peers. Each semester they will fulfill a specific role (ie Editor-in-Chief, Proof Editor etc) as well as perform any and all duties requested by Ms. G and/or the Editor in Chief to ensure the successful and timely publication of the magazine.


It is important to note that the expectations for honors-level writing are significantly high for content, style and function. This level of expectation applies to all written work produced by the student including essays, analysis and research papers, short answers, response papers and creative works.


Other Requirements

Attend Mandatory meetings with the instructor and others attempting the contract. Times to be determined after September 9th.


Take honors-level tests, which will include questions pertaining to the extra readings and Directed Learning discussions. The honors tests are longer than the regular tests.


Students that sign the honors contract will be expected to act as positive roll models and leaders in the classroom. They are expected to arrive to class fully prepared and participate actively in the total class experience.


Maintain an 87 percent average in order to remain in honors.


NOTE: Any incidents of plagiarism will result in immediate dismissal from the honors course. Please see the student handbook for a specific discussion of plagiarism.



Honors Assignments:


I agree to complete the requirements and abide by the expectations listed above with academic integrity.  I understand that any incident of plagiarism or academic dishonesty will result in immediate dismissal from honors.


Student Signature_________________________Date____________________


Student Name (print)___________________________________________________________


Teacher Signature_______________________________Date_____________________


Teacher Name (print)_________________________________


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